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"Orange Peel" (Petitgrain-Orange, Tea Tree and Poppy Seeds)

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Petitgrain essential oil smells like orange peel  -- it is not sweet like orange, but a little musky.  The orange essential oil sweetens the aroma and tea tree compliments the petitgrain adding antiseptic properties.  Tumeric, known for anti-inflammatory properties, is added with the yellow clay to add minerals while enhancing the cleansing properties of the soap.  Clay also adds a slip that protects skin while shaving with a razor.  Poppy seeds feel mildly exfoliating when the bar is rubbed directly on skin. 


Ingredients:  Goat Milk; Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Shea Butter; Poppy Seeds; Yellow Clay; Ground Tumeric; Petitgrain, Orange, Tea Tree Essential Oils

$ 7.00

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