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Lip Balm - Flavored

Product Description

Our lip balms feature two moisturizing butters:  raw shea butter and cocoa butter.  Both butters are super moisturizing.  Raw shea butter is a soft butter and cocoa butter is very hard.  The cocoa butter add a creamy feeling to the lip balm while "hardening" the formula so it does not melt as easily in summer heat.  This is because cocoa butter is a very (very) hard, brittle butter while being moisturizing like shea butter.   In addition, our lip balms contain olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and either essential oils or flavor oils.  

You will note that we use raw shea butter as opposed to refined shea butter.  When shea butter is refined, some of the nutrients are lost in the process.  We choose to use raw (unrefined) shea butter because we desire the natural goodness packed within the shea nut in our products.  The downside to using raw shea butter is that it can become grainy when exposed to changing temperatures.  This is due to the different-sized crystals that comprise shea butter.  If this happens, we have found that re-melting the lip balm gently in the microwave (in 15 second increments) and then allowing it to re-harden at room temperature returns its smooth texture. Some websites say to put melted shea butter in the refrigerator or freezer to quickly solidify it to minimize the chance of grainy crystals.  Other websites say the opposite:  let it cool slowly at room temperature.  So, I'm not sure anyone knows which is best.    

We have 4 uncolored flavors:  Peppermint/Lavender, Spearmint, Mango, Pomegranate.



$ 4.00

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