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Lip Balm - Copper or Pink Tint

Product Description

Our tinted lip balm is great for days you want just a hint of color in addition to relief from chapped lips.  

Previously, the main ingredient in our lip balm was unrefined shea butter.  We are reformulating our lip balm to include cocoa butter so it will better withstand the summer heat.  It also contains calendula-infused olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, and vitamin E.   When shea butter is refined, some of the nutrients are lost in the process.  We choose to use raw, unrefined shea butter because we desire the natural goodness packed into the shea nut in our products.  However, raw shea butter can be a little tempermental when exposed to changing temperatures.  Sometimes the texture can become a little grainy instead of smooth.  If this happens, we have found that re-melting the lip balm gently in the microwave (in 15 second increments) and then allowing it to re-harden yields a smooth texture.

Our colored lip balm is unflavored.  The color is a translucent tint -- very subtle.

Ingredients:  Beeswax; Raw Shea Butter; Cocoa Butter; Calendula-infused Olive Oil; Avocado Oil; Vitamin E; Lip-safe micas

$ 3.50

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