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Bars, Balms, and Butters:  What are they? 

     Lotion bars are ultra-concentrated bars of lotion as they do not contain any water or other liquid.  We use both mango butter and shea butter as both butters share similar beneficial properties, but raw shea butter is greasy and mango butter is fairly dry.  Together they make a lotion bar that is moisturizing and not overly greasy.  The rest of the bar is beeswax, olive oil infused with lavender or calendula petals, avocado oil, vitamin E, and essential oils for scent.   They are great to rub on heels at night to soften callused skin.  

          Our balms are similar to lotion bars, but they have more herbal-infused olive oil or special oils, and essential oils.  The Herbal Skin Aid is great to rub on dry, cracked skin and lips, as wells as minor scrapes.  The Arnica Balm is for rubbing into sore muscles, joints, bruises, and even varicose veins.  The essential oils also make it good to rub on your chest or back when fighting chest congestion.  Be very careful, however, not to get it near eyes.  

          The body butter (like lotion bars) is an ultra-moisturizing alternative to lotion.  Since there is no water, body butter does not require a preservative making it great for people with skin sensitivities or who want a truly all "natural" product.  A little goes a long way because it is so rich.  After experimenting with several combinations,  we settled on a raw shea butter and mango butter combo as the greasiness of shea butter is tempered by the dryness of the mango butter. 

* We are working on improving our labels.  The photos are of old labels.  Your product will look different, but the product inside is the same.:)

The 3 B's: Bars, Balms, and Butters

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Arnica Balm


From $ 8.00
Arnica Balm

Arnica Balm

$ 8.00

Our Arnica balm is made of olive oil infused with arnica, comfrey, plantain, and St. John's wort.  Arnica is the herb of choice for sore muscles and joints.  Comfrey is high in calcium, and along with St. John’s Wort and plaintain, is also used to reduce inflammation.  Sweet marjoram, rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils cool sore...

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