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Herbal Skin Aid (Formerly Body Balm / Palm Balm)

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Herbal Skin Aid.  Yes, we changed the name once again.  Herbal Skin Aid (formerly "Body Balm" and before that called, “Palm Balm”) is great for dry, calloused, cracked skin and lips. It can be used on cracks caused by dryness and working in harsh conditions.  It also is great for excessively dry lips.   Raw shea butter is one of nature’s best moisturizers.  Previously we sold Herbal Salve along with the Palm Balm.  Since they were very similar, we decided to combine the herbal portion of the recipes into one product!  So, the new (and because it combines two products together, we believe it is also "improved") Herbal Skin Aid contains olive oil infused with calendula, comfrey, St. John's wort, and plantain – all anti-inflammatory herbs.     Lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, and tea tree essential oils are considered anti-bacterial and beneficial for topical applications. 

Directions:  Rub a small amount on sore, chapped skin, lips, and cuticles and minor wounds.  Due to the essential oils, avoid rubbing on sensitive areas (armpits or in diaper area) or around the eyes.  

For sensitive areas or around the eyes, we are developing a Hemp Seed Balm that is essentially the same recipe as the Herbal Skin Aid, but does not use herbs or essential oils.

Ingredients:  Olive Oil infused with Calendula, St. John's Wort, Comfrey, Plantain; Raw Shea Butter; Beeswax; Vitamin E; Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Tea Tree Essential Oils

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