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Mmmm, does taking a deep breath in the midst of a field of lavender sound dreamy to you?  If so, the fresh, floral-herbaceous aroma of our lavender soap is divine.  Its not too sweet or flowery for there is an herbal or camphoraceous quality.  We added purple Brazilian clay for color, which adds minerals, enhances cleansing, and protects your skin when shaving with a razor.   If you are desiring a lavender soap that is mildly exfoliating, check out the Lavender with Lavender Buds bar!


Ingredients:  Goat Milk; Saponified Oils of Olive, Palm Kernel**, Palm*, Shea Butter, Castor; Purple Clay; Essential Oil

*Mid-summer, 2016, we changed our recipe to eliminate the palm oil.    We still have a few bars left with palm oil.   Once they sell out, the ingredients are the same as above, minus the palm oil.

**Palm Kernel oil is considered a good substitute for coconut oil in soap-making.  This is helpful for those very few people who are sensitive / allergic to coconut oil.  For those without a skin sensitivity to coconut oil, there is no noticeable difference between the soaps made with coconut oil vs. those made with palm kernel.  


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